Have a Warrior Defend You



Texas Criminal Defense

Charged with a crime? Police knocking on your door or blowing up your phone? Before talking to them, talk to me. I have tried well over one hundred jury trials in my 21+ year career as a lawyer involving everything from capital murder to speeding and everything in between. Let me put that knowledge to work for you.

Military Trial Defense

Are you looking at a court-martial? Has your Unit initiated proceedings to Administratively Separate you? Has CID come poking around asking you or people you know about you? Put my 12+ years of service in the United States Army Reserve JAG Corps and the things I learned there to use in your situation.

My Philosophy

My goal on every case is to obtain and review all evidence as quickly as possible to develop a plan for the best chance of success at winning the case. Sometimes that calls for an aggressive approach, and sometimes that calls for more relaxed one, but victory is always the goal.

Where I Work

Most of my practice is in Harris County, Texas, where my office is also located. However, I do frequently practice in other nearby counties to Harris, including Fort Bend, Montgomery, Galveston, Waller, and Brazoria.

Payment Plans

Afraid of paying a large legal bill all at once or in a very short period time that leaves you unable to pay your bills to defend your freedom? I will work with you  to help us both.